Blue Bat's Journal


Stop Number 1:

Anaheim Public Library 

Here I am enjoying the holidays at the Anaheim Public Library. I’m sitting at an early learning computer with my favorite (other!) book character, Stellaluna. I kind of miss the feel and smell of paper, though!

Stop Number 2: 

Buena Park, CA 

WooHOO! I had a ton of fun with the librarians at the Buena Park District Library! I’m exhausted. Buena 

You can see more photos of my visit at 

Look! Instead of copying a book from a shelf, I played with the copier—and duplicated myself!  

 The librarians taught me about scrapbooking. See? But I’ve got to say, it's really hard to handle scissors and glue when you don’t have hands! I needed a good bath afterwards. . . 


. . . and then I hung out for a rest and air-dry.








But look at my travel passport! It’s awesome! 






Stop Number 3:

Commerce, California! 

What a great place to spend February! I felt very welcomed. Look at the poster they made up for me! Just LOOK at it!




I got to take part in a Valentine’s Day display. . .






and I read some books en español.  







I got to hang out in a Black History Month display! 
Look: Isn’t this great??
We have an African-American President! 


Where do you think I’ll land next? 





Stop Number 4:

THIS is where: San Antonio, Texas!   The Westfall Branch Library. 




Here I am with the portrait of Mr. Edward Dixon Westfall, after whom the library is named. 

Now, he seems like a nice guy, but. . . you come around the corner of a library in the middle of the night and see somebody like this? It can give you a real fright. 


I had a chance to do some great things in San Antonio while I was here: the librarians took me to see the famous Alamo. Looka here: I’m the new “King of the Wild Frontier!”



See this? I can touch the top of the Tower of the Americas!  




I visited a bridge at the San Antonio river walk, where I saw a bunch of distant cousins emerging for a night’s flight. I kind of wished I could go with them, but I have other libraries to visit.

Special thanks to Monica Garza and all the librarians at the Westfall Branch Library! 

Keep on Reading, and I’ll share more soon!

Stop Number 5:
I got to visit Kansas City, Missouri!
  Here I am at their October 2009 meeting. 

I got to meet Bluebell, the Central Youth Services mascot! Bluebell is featured in the book “ When
Bluebell Sang” by Lisa Campbell Ernst who lives in Kansas City and who created the mural that is the focus of their department.

Please meet these great children’s librarians, from left to right : Ron Freeman, Donna Newell, April Roy, Jamie Mayo, Helma Hawkins, Emily Lorg, Clare Hollander, Veronica Mantheis, Megan Garrett, Mary Olive Thompson, Sandra Jones and Nancy Stegeman.

It’s starting to get Novembery cold! Want to know where I’m going next?

. . .Skokie, Illinois! Not too far from the Riverside, Illinois Public Library, where Bats at the Library is set!