Schools around the U.S. rave about Brian Lies's school visits:

Mothdogs and Cricket Jack, anyone?

Mothdogs and Cricket Jack, anyone?

•  "I've seen lots of author visits, and this was the best one we've ever had." —Omaha, Nebraska

• "The students were in awe.  They loved Brian's book, Bats at the Beach, and hung on his every word.  The team thought he was a valuable addition to our teaching students as authors.  The best part was how it tied into what we are teaching our students:  the growth mindset.  His message about 'Practice makes better' was perfect!" —Middleboro, MA

•  "Teachers—(all—and I did not ask them)—told me how great the presentation was—'he said all the things I would want a speaker to talk about.'" —East Greenwich, RI

•  "They loved him!  For some of the kids they talk about this day as their favorite memory of 1st grade. We have seen him for over 10 years and he is wonderful with the kids!  He has great energy and keeps their attention the whole time!"  —Westborough, MA

•  "Our teachers commented that 'he was the best author we've ever had.'  Quite a compliment!" —Ballston Spa, NY

•  "Teachers remarked that it was the best author visit that Woodville has ever had."  —Wakefield, MA

•  "Brian has been coming to Underwood for years and the students are always enamored by his beautiful books, as week as his engaging creativity and sense of humor.  One of our goals is to develop a growth mindset within our students and Brian's message ties in 100% with that.  He's encouraging the students to develop grit as he shows them how much effort goes into creating one book." —Newton, MA

•  "Even my 5th / 6th [grade] students were enthralled.  His presentation was well-paced and appealed to a variety of learning modalities." —Omaha, Nebraska

•  "He was awesome! . . . He inspired a lot of children and they realize that they have a lot of time to make 'better' of their talents." —Lewiston, Maine

•  "All students, pre-K to 6th—seemed to thoroughly enjoy Brian's presentations!  The teachers had positive feedback and appreciated that each presentation was geared for their grade level, rather than 'one size fits all.'" —Deposit, NY

•  "They loved his message— 'practice makes better'—and adding more details to their work.  Brian was great!!  Beyond my expectations!"  —Ballston Spa, NY

•  "His well-organized program helps them fully understand the writing process. . . His presentation not only address the goals in the Common Core, but fits in beautifully with our curriculum (writers' workshop).. . .Brian Lies has visited our school for over 16 years!  We look forward to his presentation each year.  He leaves a positive and lasting impression on our young writers as they continually remind themselves that 'practice makes better!'" —Westborough, MA

•  "Brian is a talented author & illustrator & an amazing presenter on top of that!" —Wilton, NY

•  "Every teacher had a positive response to the presentations and that doesn't happen very often. :)" —Hull, MA