Meet the Book Bats

Green Bat           Red Bat           Blue Bat

The bats in Bats at the Library enjoy a night of reading fun
with the help of a librarian, who leaves a window open.

The three handmade book bats wanted to travel to as many libraries in the U.S. as they could during 2008 and 2009. The Book Bats were “released” at selected Bats at the Library book events, each with a customized travel case, a copy of Bats at the Library, and a passport. 

As in Bats at the Library, what happened next was up to librarians.

The bats traveled from librarian to librarian, following a chain of acquaintance and friendship.  At each library, a librarian was asked to send a digital photo to this website showing the bat having fun somewhere in the library, and sign the bat’s travel log before giving or sending the bat on to a different librarian, anywhere in the United States.

Click on each bat's name or photo (above) to read its journal!