Once upon a time, Dads on TV and in print were mostly a joke.  Give the baby to Dad to diaper, and he's going to diaper its head.  Ask Dad to cook, and he's going to summon the fire departments of four neighboring towns.  

Times are changing, though.  The stereotyped Dad of the 1950s is becoming more and more a relic, and it's refreshing to see these involved Dads, the Gator Dads, reflected in advertising.  Some Dads are intimidated by the criticism they receive when they try a task they've never been involved in before, and do it wrong.  But I think seeing fathers getting it right on TV is a powerful inducement to men to dive in and be involved.

I've selected a few ads where I feel the advertisers are celebrating the role of fathers.  (note: no compensation was involved—I just think that if we celebrate positive depictions in ads, we get more positive depictions).  The one that really gets me is this, from Toyota:

Appearing during the Super Bowl, the "Dad-Do" campaign shows a number of NFL players doing their daughters' hair, and reinforcing the idea that a Dad who's present in his daughter's life will help to create a strong young woman.

The Dove "Men Care" campaign is inspiring.

The Campbell's #RealRealLife campaign shows two Dads.  Groundbreaking, and controversial, it depicts a kind of fatherhood which is rarely seen on TV, but which exists in the real world.