Finklehopper cover72dpi.jpg

Written by Irene Livingston, illustrated by Brian Lies
Tricycle Press, 2003  (Now Random House)
ISBN 1-582-46075-2

Everybody’s jogging and Finklehopper Frog wants to join the crowd. First, he needs a jogging suit— the most dazzling, the most ROCKIN’ jogging suit anybody’s ever seen!

But some of the other joggers think Finklehopper’s froggy fashion-sense is just plain goofy. And who ever heard of a jogging frog, anyway? Pretty soon, poor Finklehopper doesn’t feel so hopped-up about his new hobby. But a wise friend helps him discover that sometimes you’ve just got to bop to the beat of your own drummer.

Reviews for Finklehopper Frog

•  Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Book Award
•  IRA / CBC Children’s Choice Award 2003
•  Our Choice— Canadian Children’s Book Centre