Red Bat's Journal

Launched in Duxbury, MA in November, 2008 


Here I am in the Duxbury Public Library. The book Bats at the Library started after a librarian told Brian Lies about how a bat got into THIS library! It seems that staff arrived one Saturday morning to find a cousin of mine swooping around the Children’s Room. The librarian and the custodian trapped the bat in a blanket and let it out of a window. Here I am with the actual blanket used to save my cousin! Weren’t they nice to do that? 

I wonder what my cousin was reading? 

December 22, 2008
First stop:

Lookit! Now I’m in Brunswick, Maine, at the Curtis Library. That’s me with Rose D., who is reading Bats at the Library to me while I sit on Griffin, a new papier mache friend. They had a foot and a half of snow last night, so it’s great to be indoors, where I can warm up and read! 




January 29, 2009
Second Stop in my travels:

Here I am in Ithaca, NY. It’s the home of Cornell University, right at the tip of one of the Finger Lakes! In the photo, I’m resting next to the little door into the “Reading Zoo,” a beautifully-painted room right outside their storytime room. It was fun to wave goodby to the preschool children after they read Bats at the Library! I don’t think the date is right on that camera. . . 


March 23, 2009

I’ve just had a wonderful time in Delhi, NY, at the Cannon Public Library! I’ll tell you about it soon!